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the flow of fuel to the engine

the flow of fuel to the engine Picture Box
EARS also shuts off the flow of fuel to the engine (standard) o Head Restraints: Reduce head movement in the event of a collision (standard) o Height-adjustable Seat Belts: Allows occupants to raise and lower the shoulder belt, which encourages seat-belt usage by offering a more comfortable fit (standard) o HomeLink Universal Home Security System Transceiver: Stores three separate radio-frequency codes to operate garage-door openers, security gates, security lighting and other radio-controlled devices (available) o Interior Head-impact Protection: Includes interior pillars above the beltline, instrument panel, windshield and rear window headers, roof and side rail structures and shoulder-belt turning loops, specifically designed to limit head-impact forces (standard) o Knee Bolsters: Enable the air bags to work effectively by properly positioning the vehicle occupant (standard) o Remote Keyless Entry with Illuminated Entry: Locks and unlocks doors, and turns on interior lamps. If the vehicle is equipped with a vehicle-theft security alarm, the remote also arms and disarms that system (available) o Removable/Rechargeable Light-emitting Diode (LED) Flashlight: Mounted in the headliner above the cargo area, snaps out of the bezel to serve as a flashlight (available) o Structural Safety Cage: Protects occupants by managing and controlling energy in the event of an impact (standard) o Seat-belt Pretensioners.

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